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Advance Features

Accept digital payment WorldWide from PayPal and card

Fully Customizable

Powerful Payment Options

Paddle’s powerful payment options allow you to manage the entire customer billing process. It handles all kinds of taxes, currencies, compliance, and billing solutions without the need for any extra tools.

fraud protection


Protect Against Fraudulent Charge backs

Paddle implements four-layer fraud protection by combining its algorithm with fraud prevention. This makes it easy to flag suspicious transactions and easily fight chargebacks. The paddle has all the deals for you without any extra charge.

Taxes & Compliance

No Complicated Sales Taxes & Compliance Management

Paddles handle your sales taxes on your behalf. It issues a reverse invoice and ensures tax compliance across your payment, subscription, invoices, and receipts.

recuring subscription plan2

Recurring payment

Support Subscription Plan

 Our plugin supports subscription plans for the paddle. You can customize the download product to make it work with a paddle subscription plan.

Custom Email

Email Scheduler

You will get an email scheduler extension by default with this plugin. You can schedule email notifications based on their payment status or you can send any time with your own design.

email schedule(1)
s i o 1

3 Checkout Options

Inline, Standard and Overlay Checkout

Inline: When this option is selected your customers will be able to process checkout inside your website. The user will be allowed to enter their payment details in Paddle secure inline iframe box for payment. After successful payment they will be redirect back to your site’s order page.

Standard: When this option is selected your customers will be taken to secure Paddle website and allow them to payment their payment. When payment is completed, your customer will be redirect back to your site’s order page.

Overlay: When this option is selected your customers will be able to process checkout within your website. The user will be allowed to enter their payment details in Paddle secure popup checkout box for payment. After successful payment they will be redirect back to your site’s order page.

WooCommerce & Easy Digital Downlaod

Support for Both WooCommerce and EDD Plugin

A single plugin handles both platform payment systems. WP-Paddle plugin is designed and developed for both plugin WooCommerce & Easy Digital Download. 

It’s easy to set up; the system automatically detects the platform(Woo or Edd) and activates the features of the system.

woocommerce and edd2

Why Paddle?

The paddle is for groups that prefer to focal point on promoting their digital products online without any hassle or don’t choose to lose their hair dealing with taxes, gateway fees, invoicing, etc.

Paddle accepts payment from Apple Pay, PayPal, Credit Card, Master Card, Visa Card and more.


More Features

WordPress has continually improved since its inception, and so have we. Staying on top and ahead has always been our endgame.

Seamless Checkout​

Paddle allows you to take payments by credit card, paypal or any other flexible checkout without making your customer leave the website.

No More Invoice Dealing

Paddle drafts all the necessary invoices and send it to the customer. Paddle automatically handle billing and invoicing for your customer.

User Friendly

Paddle payment sytem it self a user friendly system. We just make it compatible with WordPress plugins WooCommerce & EDD..

All Your Payment Methods

Paddle accepts most global payments via PayPal, Credit Card Payment, and ApplePay and adding GooglePay very soon.

Recurring Payment Support

You can create subscription product in paddle and link with our plugins. You can generate recurring income.

Popup Cart + Checkout Experience​

Paddle 3 type of payment option: Inline, Popup and standard(from paddle page), so that is very easy for the users.

Coupons, Discounts & Upsells​

You can setup coupons, discount and upsell from paddle dashboard.

All your Taxes and VAT calculated and filed​

Paddle System automatically calculated the tax/vat for your customer.

Handle fraud protection and chargebacks​

Paddle already implemented fraud protection and chargeback system.

Support Software Licensing​

Paddle payment sytem support licenseing system too.

Popup Cart & Checkout​

Popup checkot is very simple on page checkout sytem.

No upfront costs​

Paddle and this plugins not included any hidden fee for your customer.
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Plugin Integration With

WP Paddle is a complete solution for people and businesses who focus on selling digital products and services through their websites.

WordPress is one of the top CMS powers one-third of the websites on the internet. Using WordPress you can create a website without any technical skills and customize it to fit your needs.

WooCommerce is a rapidly growing eCommerce platform on the web and is free to use for all. WooCommerce helps business from small to large scale businesses to create eCommerce websites with WordPress integration

easy digital download

Easy digital download is free to use plugin and is the most effective solution for selling any kind of digital product on WordPress powering thousands of eCommerce stores.

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FAQ & Contact Us

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to invoice Paddle for my payout?

No. Each month Paddle generates a “Reverse Invoice” for each of our vendors, detailing how much is owed to you by Paddle. This amount is paid out to you each month, with no work required on your end.

Which countries are supported by Paddle?

Sanctioned Countries

  • Crimea (Region of Ukraine)
  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • Libya
  • North Korea
  • Nicaragua
  • Somalia
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Venezuela
  • Yemen

Restricted Countries

  • Belarus
  • Burma (Myanmar)
  • Cote d’Ivoire
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Iraq
  • Liberia (Former Regime of Charles Taylor)
  • Sierra Leone
  • Zimbabwe

What am I not allowed to sell on Paddle?

By creating an account and selling through Paddle, you are confirming that you will not be accepting payments with any connection to the following business categories and practices.

  1. Physical products or product that requires physical delivery
  2. Human services (including but not limited to consultation, legal or design services)
  3. Donations, crowdfunding, advertising and sponsorship (payment processing where there is no bona fide software or service sold)
  4. Resale of any product for which you do not hold a valid reseller certificate for a period of 5 years or more, and resellers of products associated with a high number of customers complaints.
  5. Social media “click farms” (i.e., the sale of posts/clicks/likes/reviews/endorsements on social media sites) or marketing based social media automation
  6. IPTV
  7. Sexually-oriented or pornographic products or services, pornographic material, any material of a lewd and lascivious nature, or dating services/applications
  8. Video game or virtual world credits (unless you are the operator of the video game or virtual world); video game cheats
  9. Betting related products (including but not limited to lotteries; bidding fee auctions; sports forecasting or odds making; fantasy sports leagues with cash prizes; internet gaming; contests; sweepstakes; games of chance)
  10. Currency exchanges or dealers

for more details: Visit

Is there a charge/fee taken for payouts?

Paddle will not charge any fees on payouts made to you. Any charges that are made against these payouts will be from your bank or payment provider, depending on the method of payment. We fulfil payouts of your Current Balance (with Paddle fees already deducted) for all payment methods.

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