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Paddle Connection Setup

Click the Paddle(Sparkle) menu under the Payment Gateways tab. To connect your Paddle account you need to enter your Vendor ID, Auth Code, Public Key and Instant Notification System (INS) URL

Vendor ID

Login to your Paddle dashboard and go to  Developer Tools >> Authentication. Copy your vendor ID from the Paddle vendor ID section and insert it into plugin’s Vender ID input field.

Auth Code

Scroll down to Generate Auth Code section and generate a new auth code for your website.

We DO NOT recommend using the default auth code. For security reasons always generate new code for a new website.

On your active auth code section click the Reveal Auth Code button and copy the auth code and insert it into the plugin’s Auth Code input field.

Public Key

Go to Developer Tools >> Public Key page and copy the public key from that page and insert into plugin’s Public Key input field.

You must copy the complete Public Key including the

-----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY----- and -----END PUBLIC KEY----- line.

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